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It takes a Village to raise a child. - African Proverb

DIVAS with SOL, Inc. wants to change many of the traditional male-female relationships that bring about hardship to the community. By having youth come together, we are aiming to provide them with healthy friendships and a strong sense of brother-sisterhood. With these relationships in place, they cannot be divided, and in turn each side grows stronger!


Guest Speaker for events

Mrs. Johnson is a motivator at heart. She is transparent with her story as a youth, as a teen parent, product of divorce and many other life hurdles that many of our youths face today. Tara choose to share the so called "dark side" of her life so children will know they are not alone, she understands their struggles, and SOMEONE DOES CARE. Mrs. Johnson wants to ignite the fire of success in every child and let them know LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. Tara prides her work with the belief there is no such thing as a "bad" child. There are children that make bad choices and need their flame of greatness ignited. Her ultimate goal is to bridge the respect of brother / sisterhood towards each other and in self.

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